Always Consult still top at ten!

Tenth Anniversary photo
From left to right: Cathy Bryant, Helen Trow, MD Carol Ewels, Roddy Christie and Adrian Pitt.


You’ll have heard the expression: “A year is a long time in business”? How about ten years?!

Facing change
In 2019, Always Consult Ltd celebrates a decade doing what it does best – helping people to reach peak performance. Managing Director, Carol Ewels, set up the company following a career as a highly experienced Senior Business Leader. This included more than 20 years’ service with Barclays Bank PLC, working in a variety of management and leadership roles. She says: “We’ve all had trying times in our lives. One of mine was facing redundancy. I didn’t want to hang up my heels, so, the challenge was – what’s next?”

Collaborating is the key!
Carol’s passion is developing people. She took her knowledge, skills and experience, packaged them up and Always Consult was born! Carol explains: “I can’t take all the credit! Over the years, I’ve met some like-minded enthusiastic professionals who’ve taken my business from strength to strength. Collaboration is where it’s at.” She continues: “Self-employment can be a bit of a lonely life. Therefore, I made it my mission to team up with other trainers with a similar working ethos, I helped them to specialise, identify their skill sets that maybe I didn’t possess and now we’re offering a diverse and engaging training portfolio.”

Let them eat cake!
Always Consult associate, Adrian Pitt, explains how coffee and cake transformed his business! Ade says: “I bumped into Carol “virtually” on Linkedin. We met for a cuppa and a slice of apple pie and the rest is history!” “Our fledgling companies appeared to be heading in the same direction. Potentially, Carol, could have been a rival trainer. However, the collaborative model that me, Carol and another of our colleagues, Sheila, adopted in the early days has worked brilliantly for us ever since.”

Future focus…
Now, with even more team members on board, Carol’s looking forward to the future: “There’s never a dull moment! We’ve branched out into Leadership and Management Apprenticeships thanks to our colleague, Roddy, our Careers and Advice and Guidance qualifications are extremely well-respected, our brand new associate, Craig, is taking our Education and Training programmes forward and Sheila has added an “international flavour” to the mix by working for us in Portugal!”

Who knows what the next ten years holds for Always Consult? It appears that a tremendous amount of hard work, resilience, enthusiasm, collaboration, commitment, coffee and cake-eating are the key to running a successful training business!

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