Next time, I’ll pick up the phone!

Angry Man article

The wrangles I’ve had of late with two large UK companies and their online supposed “customer service” (I’ll try not to do those air inverted commas that I find so irritating!).

The first, a well-known energy company, has an email “Contact Us” facility that I’ve put through its paces. To date, I’ve cut and pasted all the online correspondence between us and I’m left with something that, if printed off, is akin to the size of the Domesday Book!

The second, a world-famous High Street pharmacy proudly boasts: “Create and order your photos on our website for Same Day Collection!” Here’s a case of: “Some Day My Prints Will Come” as, 72 hours later, I’m still waiting for ’em! This time around, we have an online chat facility. I couldn’t be any clearer tapping my concerns into the corner of the screen. “We can assure you Mr Pitt your photos ARE in store awaiting collection. Please check your order history for confirmation.”

Order History > “In Progress” > Order Status > “We Are Still Creating Your Order”

When you review the emails from my electricity provider, it appears that all initial enquiries are dealt with via some far-flung part of the planet. Likewise with the High Street chain. It’s apparent that a lot of the responses are pre-programmed and “bog standard”, either that, or the Chat Agent I just liaised with types faster than the speed of sound!

On reflection, I don’t think it’s the actual customer service that I’m knocking – the online staff are consummate professionals – however, neither of my quandaries have resulted in outcomes that meet my satisfaction.

My “other half” says: “Why don’t you pick up the phone?!” It’s a solution! Although, why offer alternative ways of dealing with customers when they’re obviously not robust enough?

Have I just had a run of bad luck?


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