The Smiling Assassin!


You’ve had an amazing day’s training. All your fears, doubts and apprehension around whether the session would go well are unfounded. Fifteen happy learners, fully engaged. They’ve loved the content, enjoyed the activities and even laughed at your jokes!

Fifteen happy learners filling out evaluation forms – or so you thought!

<Cue scary laughter>

You review the feedback. Gasp! Fourteen happy learners and then someone I call “The Smiling Assassin”. Fourteen learners thought you were the “Torville and Dean” of trainers. HE thought you were “Eddie The Eagle Edwards”. Fourteen learners would shout from the rooftops that you’re the reincarnation of Albert Einstein. HE thought you were an extra from “The Only Way Is Essex”. Fourteen learners hung on your every word the whole day long. HE hung on for dear life!

Have you ever been faced with this situation? How did you deal with it? Did you brush the comments off? Did you approach the disgruntled delegate? How can us trainers deal with “smiling assassins”?!


One thought on “The Smiling Assassin!

  1. The way I see it, there is always going to be one who is not as impressed and engaged as everyone
    else, but as long as it is that way around then I don’t mind. I see the feedback as always being positive because I might see something about me and my delivery that I was not aware of.
    I’ve just finished a week in Barking (of all places) and there was one person who, despite me constantly requesting that he not do it, always interrupted, talked over and tried to ask me questions when I talking to another candidate. We had a good “relationship” as I do with all my learners, but his feedback came back as “poor” for most of the areas on the feedback form. Why? I don’t know I didn’t ask.
    If we use each piece of feedback as positive ways for us – the trainer/assessor/deliverer – to learn about aspects we might need to change or that sometimes, you just can’t please everyone, then we can’t get depressed or upset every time we see a bad feedback form.

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